Vinyl flooring offers many affordable benefits

Sheet vinyl flooring is at the top of the 'most popular low-cost flooring' list. It's an alternative to hardwood planks and natural stone and ceramic tile. But sheet vinyl does more than mimic the actual materials; there are a seemingly endless number of styles that feature colorful abstractand geometric designs. This serviceable floor covering, which resists stains and scratches, is child-and-pet-friendly. It's also easy to clean and needs no maintenance beyond routine mopping and periodic deep cleaning. You can find a large assortment of vinyl flooring at Carpet World Bismarck. Our 17,000-square-foot showroom is located in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Vinyl flooring facts

Sheet vinyl flooring comprises multiple layers, including a fiberglass layer to keep it flat on the floor and a cushioned backing layer. A protective finish ensures durability. The floor covering comes in rolls that are usually either 6-foot or 12-foot widths. The rolls are cut into job-specific sheets, so a minimum number of sheets are used. Floors in small rooms can generally be covered by one sheet, while larger rooms require two or three sheets. With no or few seams, water doesn't seep through to the subfloor. Instead, it stays on the surface of the flooring where it will not cause damage. The typical lifespan of this floor covering ranges from 10 to 20 years.

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Professional installation

Usually, sheet vinyl flooring is installed in moisture-prone rooms like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. The entire sheet is glued down, or adhesive can be applied only around the perimeter of the room. Underlayment may also be needed if the subfloor is uneven. Several types of underlayment are available, including brands that come with a thin layer of foam pre-attached. Loose lay sheet vinyl does not require adhesive. Instead, the weight of its heavy fiberglass backing works with friction to keep it in place. Double-sided tape may be needed around doorways or other high-traffic areas.

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Carpet World Bismarck can successfully guide you through your sheet vinyl flooring upgrade. We have been serving the south-central North Dakota area for over 30 years. Bismarck, ND, Menoken, ND, Mandan, ND, Rock Haven, ND, and Lincoln, ND are in our service area. In addition to flooring, you can find blinds and window treatments in our showroom. Our services include residential and commercial flooring installation and floor and subfloor repairs. We provide a helpful online chat service and free in-home estimates. Please stop by our showroom in Bismarck for your next vinyl flooring upgrade for the most personalized service.