Considerations for the perfect luxury vinyl flooring

There are so many reasons to choose luxury vinyl when shopping for a new floor for your home. Not only are there a plethora of options when it comes to style, design and looks, but it’s also quite affordable. In fact, you can get a look that mimics such natural resources as solid wood and stone, without the maintenance and worry that often goes along with them.This is also the obvious choice if you’re looking for a flooring that will last a long time, can be installed quickly and easily, and is easy to care for and clean. Be sure to ask your flooring professional about all the other amazing benefits this flooring has to offer.

Important factors in luxury vinyl

While you may not be completely familiar with it, the construction of luxury vinyl is important. It starts with the backing layer, to which the core layers are attached. This not only adds to the overall durability of your floor, but also gives it the ability to resist impact. The image layer is placed next, and this is where you’ll get your design. Whether you have chosen something that looks like wood, stone, or tile, it’s all contained in this image. The next layer is the wear layer, and it’s likely to be the most important piece to the whole thing. This is the layer that carries the most protection against things like scuffs, scratches, dings and gouges. It can help to maintain that like-new look for years to come. Finally, you have the topcoat, which is typically made of urethane, although it can be mixed with other minerals as well. It helps to keep stains from setting in for that extra added layer of protection.A word about thickness: Luxury vinyl ranges from about 2 mm up to 8 mm, generally. The thicker they are, the more durable they are. For reference, 2 mm is about the thickness of a single nickel.

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