Your Floors: And How To Clean Them Correctly

What is the best way to clean a vinyl, laminate or ceramic tile floor?

One of the very first things that you should do is to consult with us at Carpet World Bismarck. There are many variations with today?s products that come under the same basic description as asked about above.?Most branded manufacturers of flooring have specific care and maintenance products for their particular flooring. In some cases, if these products are not used it may affect the warranty of the flooring.

The absolute worse thing that you can clean your flooring with is PLAIN WATER. ?All this will do is just move the dirt and oils around but not actually remove them.?Water will not break down the oils from the bottom of bare feet, cooking, pets or personal care products. Oils do one thing very well - they attract dirt which is an abrasive. This directly results in the dulling and scratching of your flooring.?

Don?t believe this??Let?s do a little experiment.?

Put your bare hand onto a mirror leaving your hand print. Now, take plain water and try to remove this so that the mirror is clear again.?It can?t be done!?But use a little Windex for instance or even household ammonia in some water and surprise?the mirror is clean.

Oil and the consequential dirt that it attracts is your floor's enemy. With just a little effort you can keep your floor nearly as beautiful as the day you fell in love with it.?

Remember, your floor covering is an INVESTMENT that can be spread out over several years. Most of today?s flooring doesn?t WEAR OUT? they UGLY OUT.

So with the proper maintenance you can maintain your positive relationship with your flooring.?

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