​How to Clean and Maintain Your Laminate Flooring

Alert! Alert! Alert!

Don?t make the easiest to clean flooring a maintenance nightmare. Laminate flooring is known for its durability and realistic wood visuals. Laminate is also known for its ease of maintenance. The correct cleaners and products is an absolute must to keep your flooring looking beautiful for years to come. Use a laminate cleaner that has been approved by the manufacturer. Use a terry cloth dry mop to apply the approved cleaner. Where can you find these approved cleaners and terry cloth mops? Your local flooring retailer will have them. (Carpet World would be a great choice.)

We retailers want you to be happy with your flooring and share that happiness with friends and family. We want you to spread the news of where you purchased your flooring. You may be thinking sure they just want to sell me something expensive and I know I could get by with a cheap alternative from my local Big Box Retailer or Super Store. We sell a laminate floor cleaner that is approved by manufacturers for $10. A small price to pay to keep your flooring investment looking great.

At Carpet World, we have seen the nightmares and ruined floors. We have seen the disappointed faces of customers who come in asking for ?Help my laminate is streaking! My laminate is slippery! My laminate seams are showing! My laminate is sticky! My laminate is dull looking!"... Those customers have used non approved cleaners that create real problems.

Never use a steam mop, never use a mop & shine cleaner, never use soaps, never use vinegar, never use an oil, never use a polish, never use black tea, never use apple cider, never use just water, never use anything but a cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

Spread the News! Laminate is Easy to Care for when the correct cleaner is being used and your local flooring retailer: Carpet World is here to help.