When Things Happen...

Things happen.

Look at Kirkwood Mall this week. Water main breaks, flooding rain, even just basic general seepage is part of home ownership sometimes. You can?t protect yourself from the unexpected.

This is not a time of ?opportunity? for us either. Trust us, the LAST thing we want to see is some sort of bad event happen where everybody needs replaced flooring at the same time. It?s an unnatural swing which is all ?feast? at first and then ?famine? later. It gets hard to accommodate everyone with immediate needs and then harder to survive when no one is in the market because they all had replacement flooring put in at the same time.

It?s great to have neighbors and family who will help you out when things get wet, but we strongly suggest getting professionals involved who know what to look for and will properly dry out the area. Yes, it gets expensive. But if you cut down on spending to clean it up, you?ll just end up paying more when having to re-do, especially if mold sets in.

Once the area is dried out, we?d love to help out by giving you a FREE in-home measurement and some advice on what flooring will work best for you and your lifestyle.

There?s always someone who can sell you flooring for less. ?But can they offer you flooring that?s the best? And we?re talking about the highest in quality and durability PLUS one-to-one service for your best interests.

Call us at 701-258-1968 and schedule your FREE in-home measurement when you need it.

It just may be the best value out there whether the unexpected has happened to you or it?s simply time to freshen up your home d?cor.

This is why we put the world at your feet!