The Simplicity of Beautiful Carpets 

How can I keep the appearance of my carpet looking as new as possible?

One way is to use area rugs wherever carpeting meets a hard surface such tile, wood, laminate or vinyl. ?The very nature of a hard surface product is to not allow dirt to accumulate on them.?The first several feet of the carpet is where the dirt will deposit itself causing the carpet to have a worn out appearance.

Dirt is an abrasive and will cut the carpet fibers causing an appearance change and premature wear.

Make sure that you frequently clean these area rugs so that they can do their?jobs: keeping the dirt off of the wall to wall carpeting.?

Also where ever possible, rearrange your furniture in order to change the traffic patterns?that will eventually appear on your carpet. ?The most common of these areas are tight traffic lanes between furniture and that favorite recliner where feet are always digging in.

Keep in mind that vacuuming never wore out a carpet. The dirt that is left because of not?vacuuming is the culprit.

Carpeting is still the best value in flooring cost for cost.?With these and other basic easy care habits you and your family will enjoy the warmth, quiet and beauty for many years.