Making a dent in removing those 'carpet dents'...

Rearranging your furniture if your space allows not only can completely change the feel of a room but can be very beneficial for the long term appearance of your flooring.?By changing the position of your furniture you can alter the traffic patterns in your room. This is very important because it will distribute the ?wear? over areas that may get no use at all.

Unfortunately when you move your furniture there are going to be ?carpet dents? left behind. The best way to remove these is to use a travel fabric steamer. You want the kind that you can safely make direct contact with the fabric. As always, test an inconspicuous area first. Using this directly on the ?dent? will relax the backing and fibers. You can then very gently use a round part of a spoon or spatula to ?lift? the fibers up. Note that you want to brush the fibers in the same direction as the rest of the carpet. Yes, carpet has a direction much like wood has a grain. Brushing your hand one way will ?lay? the fibers down the other way will ?pop? the fibers up. Using this technique will recover the dent significantly improving its appearance.

Now, if you don?t have a steamer you can try to mist just enough water on the dent to saturate the fibers, but BE CAREFUL not to get the carpet too wet! You will then notice how soft the fibers become and it?s at this time that you use the same technique with the spoon as mentioned above. The only difference is that after the dent has recovered to your satisfaction you can put a fan on this area to speed up the drying time.

Remember, the smaller the ?feet? of any piece of furniture the more it will distort the carpets backing. A small footprint in fact can and will compress the fiber and padding so completely that the backing of the carpet will permanently stretch out of shape.?By using larger furniture pads under these small legs the pressure will be distributed over a larger area.

?Using these techniques will assist you in creating that ?new look? for your room and help your floor keep its appearance longer all at the same time.?