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How to know which version of hardwood flooring is for you

As you shop for the best wood flooring in Bismarck, ND, you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices. The good news is that you can find your best match more easily.

There are extensive options available to match any decor scheme you have in place. So, be sure to shop for hardwood flooring with your list of requirements in mind.

Think about your durability needs first

You could choose the most beautiful options for your home first. But the effort is wasted if those floors aren't durable enough for your activity level.

Durability lends to lifespan; the more extended wood floors last, the more money you'll save. This will be an important choice if you have a busy household with pets, children, or both.

Matching your decor comes with many opportunities

There are so many ways to match your decor with hardwood flooring. Species, stain colors, finish, format, and installation layout are only a few.

You can also opt for pre-finished or site-finished materials with wide plank options. And choosing wood flooring with character can add a new layer to your look.

Think about lifespan options and your need

Engineered hardwood flooring can last up to 30 years or more with professional installation. But solid wood could last more than 100 years with ease.

Longer lifespans offer significant savings over time and add value to your home. Be sure to consider all the options that might work best for you here.

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