Four cleaning tips for laminate flooring

Four cleaning tips for laminate flooring

Laminate floors are considered an attractive, budget-friendly, and durable alternative to genuine wood.

They're low maintenance, but a little TLC will extend your floor?s lifespan. Dust and dirt are sharp and create scratches. Spills can lead to staining and water damage.

We recommend you only use recommended cleaning products for your new laminate flooring in Bismarck, ND. Read today's post to learn more about cleaning your laminate floors.

Dry mopping

Try to do this daily, getting into corners and underneath cabinets and appliances where it hides. Again, microfiber pads are best, effectively capturing any dust and dirt.

Leftover dirt can grind into the surface from foot traffic. It can also act like sandpaper when you do some deep spot cleaning.

Vacuuming: helpful, especially for hard-to-read areas

Vacuums all have special attachments for hard-to-reach places. They are also faster and eliminate manual cleaning.

Wet mop every two months or so

That schedule can change depending on your lifestyle and family size.

The first time you mop your laminate flooring, read the manufacturer's instructions; they can vary depending on the materials used. You can either find them in the warranty or on the product website.

Avoid abrasive tools and cleaners, as they can scratch and dull. Be sure the cleaner says it's okay for laminate floors.

Finally, some big don?ts

1.Say "no" to steam cleaners. The intense heat and moisture will affect the glued layers, breaking down the surface.

2.Avoid waxy, shine-promoting cleaners; they leave a hard-to-remove buildup.

3.Steer clear of vinegar. It's popular for some materials but too acidic for laminate floors.

4.Avoid drippy mops. Unlike waterproof laminate flooring, most laminate is made with wood byproducts?and water is the enemy.

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