Three benefits of nylon carpet fibers

Three benefits of nylon carpet fibers

When you walk into the carpet store, you'll hear a lot about fiber. That's because fiber is the material from which the rug?s yarns are made.

That makes it the foundation of carpeting because fiber has everything to do with performance and appearance. This is why nylon carpets make up over 50% of all rugs sold.

Nylon: ultra strong

This synthetic fiber is almost indestructible, making it ideal for heavily trafficked rooms. Kids, pets, and wear don't faze this fiber.

Nylon has excellent resilience and can bounce back into shape after compression. If foot traffic or furniture legs flatten it, be assured it's only temporary. Your carpet in Bismarck, ND, quickly falls back into shape.

Good color retention and fade resistance

For excellent fade resistance and color retention, choose solution-dyed nylon; while the most common procedure is to manufacture the rug and then dye, solution-dyed means the dye is applied during the manufacturing. As a result, the color is "baked in."

It's also important to know there are two versions of nylon. Some feel nylon 6.6 offers even greater capabilities. Others say nylon 6.0 is just as good!

Also, nylon is one of the few fibers that can be dyed. Unlike some fibers, a nylon carpet has dye pockets, so it takes it well.

Stain resistance

Nylon has superior stain resistance, especially when a protectant is used. This fiber also repels soil.

This eliminates the worries about spills or track-in mud. There won't be any lasting reminders!

A fourth benefit

Nylon carpet is easy to maintain, but it goes hand-in-hand with the benefit of resiliency. When nylon is steam cleaned, it revives the molecule that is responsible for resiliency.?

That makes it more critical than ever to clean your carpets deep regularly.?

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